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Here’s the story in a nutshell:

There’s this really cool older dude named Chester Newport. He’s made millions drawing a comic book called Occam’s Razor. The star of Occam’s Razor is Major Occam, a young woman who leads the Intergalactic Rangers, the most potent force for Good in the Universe. Rangers are sort of like Law Enforcement Officers, Enviro-Police and Marines, all rolled into one. There are a hundred Rangers altogether and the Major is #1. Her buddy Straight Shooter is #2.

Their enemy is the Truly Evil Prince of Darkness. His name says it all. Every cruel, rotten, crummy thing that goes down in the Universe starts with the Prince. He runs his Dark Empire from his castle on Planet X with the help of Ratchett, his chancellor.

What happens is Chester Newport decides to retire and end Occam’s Razor, but before he can do that he dives into his swimming pool and disappears. Three months later he’s still missing. Desperate to find her father, Veronica - Chester Newport’s only child - dresses up like the Major and dives into the pool.

Meanwhile, well-known author Cozy Bennett and her son, Victor, move into Chester Newport’s mansion – they’ve leased it for a year – and there Victor meets the five Spoil kids: Albert, Charles, Mary, Edward, and Little William. By accident Victor and the Spoil kids team up with Veronica to search for her dad.

Meanwhile, the real Major Occam - the hero of the comic books - along with her new boyfriend, James Dean, join the hunt to rescue Chester Newport.

When the story is happening in the real world, the words will look like this.

When the story is taking place in the comic book world, the words will look like this.

There’s even a young dragon named Surefire.

It’ll all make sense. You’ll see.

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